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Several of my 3D artwork collections, exploring humanity and our experiences. These projects serve as a benchmark for my technical and directorial skills.

all artworks use Blender, Zbrush, Cycles and Photoshop


We're all products of experience. Thoughts, emotions, and human encounters layer onto one another to produce change in our lives. We have and will continue to evolve. For better or worse is up to you.

'Great Gig in the sky'

'The World is Yours'

Unit 96

Unit 96 is an ongoing project that was started to improve my Zbrush sculpting skills and charachter design. It follows a couple of gangsters looking for revenge, heavily inspired by anime and honk-kong triad movie thrillers, with hopes of turning Unit 96 into a vast universe and eventually an animated short.

'Almost Blue'

'Hostile Takeover'